Message from the CEO


TCI aims to be a freight forwarding company that can be of help to our clients by providing them with reliable, consistent services that are entirely our own.

We Trans Continental Inc. are a comprehensive logistics service provider that has achieved continuous manpower and material growth in the aviation and maritime forwarding sectors for the last 33 years since our founding in 1987.

So far, with the aim of building a global logistics service network, externally, we have been building and expanding our overseas service networks through such efforts as establishing local subsidiaries, and internally, we have been fostering a professional workforce and forging networked relationships with our South Korean partners in the logistics field.

We TCI are a company that aims to provide our clients with services that are approached from their perspectives, and we will continue to communicate and cooperate with our 900-odd South Korean clients and some 130 overseas partners and grow together.

In addition, we also aim to be a company where each and every one of our members can feel a sense of fulfillment as they grow together with the company as an individual, while we do our best to return the fruits of that growth to our clients.

We are looking forward to your continued interest and support.

CEO and PresidentLee Sang-hoon


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